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All of our platters are delivered on our signature made stamped boards and come in two sizes. We offer 6 different styles of platter, each the perfect centre piece for any occasion or perfect for a more intimate event so you can impress your loved ones. For our luxury platters we use all fresh British produce, artisan cheeses, British charcuterie and a range of gourmet crackers. Whether you have a savoury or sweet tooth, let us create a feast you will never forget.

Standard Menu for Each Platter

Fresh bread  –  Dips  –  Gourmet crackers  –  Olives  –  Roasted assorted nuts  –  Vine tomatoes  –  Herbs  –  Fresh and dried fruit

The six styles we offer are Simply British, Mediterranean nights, Vegetarian Delight and Naughty but nice. Each comes with the standard platter menu as well as a few added extras depending on the style of platter you decide is most suited to you and your guests.

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